Carve Finishes But Progress Bar does Not?

Three carves this afternoon, all finish fine with exception.
On the first one the the progress bar still is at 98%, the spindle has shut off and returned to work zero. It allowed me to enter g28, change the bit, open another workpiece, and import gcode. After all this the progress bar was still at 98% in the new workpiece. When I clicked on the X cancel then the pop up “how did it turn out?” opened and Z went down to safe height. It was a good thing the bit was close to the same length.
At end of 2nd carve it did the same thing but I clicked on the cancel before proceeding.
At end of 3rd carve the progress bar said 100% but did not close or provide the “How did it turn out?” .
Easel seems buggy the last few days.
Any one else having issues?

Yep, seen it a few times. At least my carves finish ok.