Carve Geode slice outline

I have several slices of geodes that are random shapes and sizes. I’d like to somehow import the shape and have Easel carve it out. Can I just take a photo and import it into Easel or is there a better way? Eventually I want to insert them into wood projects and cover them with epoxy. Any suggestions are welcome!

I’d trace the outline on white paper, take a well lit photo, import to Inkscape, trace & adjust scaling. Run a test in scrap .

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Will try that… thank you!

If you have one of those Printer/Scanners you might be able to lay it on the scan bed and import an image. You would then have to clean it up a bit in other software, but it should be very faithful to the dimensions of the Geode.

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I did one the other day I took a picture of a slab of walnut live edge. I marked two points 18" apart for scaling reference to be sure my size was exact when I imported it. Just be sure your picture is squared up when you take it.

So there isn’t a way to directly do it in Easel but here is a quick walkthrough using a free vector tool (Inkscape) to convert that picture into an SVG that you can import.

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Brandon, WOW!! Thank you So much for the video! I have downloaded Inkscape and will test out your detailed instructions. My end goal is to have the CNC carve out the shape with enough depth into the wood to set the geode slice into the wood, and either glue it in or cover it in a thin layer of epoxy. That said, which carving bit would you recommend for that? Please let me know if you have any further wisdom to share! Thank you, again :slight_smile: