Carve not Squared Problem

Hi, I’m not new with the machine but i’m new at the forum and i’m still learning, i hope somebody can help me with this big problem.

I always used to cut letters and stuff that did’nt need to be squared but know i’m trying to make some boxes and i having a lot of trouble get them square. I already checked al the plates of the Y gantry checked all the estructure of the machine and also check the belt tension and leave it as 2.4lb lifting the belt 1 inch.

Attaching a pen to the router i discovered that when i try to draw 4 corners of a rectangle the left ones are a little high oin the Y axis and incomplete. as you can see on the picture.

Please if somebody can guide trough a solution it will be so much appreciate it

No picture showing.

However, while your frame may be 100% square your gantry may not be aligned squarly. Since each side of the gantry have its own stepper motor it can become misaligned.

You can add DIY bump stops on each side of the gantry and when you power up your machine the gantry bump up against these. These stops can be adjusted so you have a consistent reference point.

Hi, i just uploaded the pictures first post here :stuck_out_tongue:. Yeah did that before but the machine still giving me problems and is not so noticeable until i try to assemble something.

Those lines look really shakey; when you cut with a cutting bit, are you at least getting straight lines? If not, your problems would start there.

HI actually is because the way i fixed the ben it was’nt the best, but the cuts with the bit are perfect, what i noticed if you see the first picture the cnc stars at one point up and then when it will make the line to the right leaves a gap

Wich kind of tool do you recommend? to check the square of a cutted square.

Here is how I square my machine

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ok ill give it a shot and let you know what was the result thanks !!!

Thank you so much finally made it, in my case i had to square the table to, the problem started since a friend made my waste board and his cnc had a square problem too, so i reassemble everything checking and measuring.

I only noticed two more causes for square problems:
1.- when i made the machine to home the nut to set limit switch on Y axis can make a problem.
2.- before every run i made some custom stops at the back of the machine and i run the y axis so it gets stopped by these custom pieces i made.

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