Carve starte

new to this, once I set my starting point and hit the carve button , my cnc goes to a different point to start to carve

Easel does not let you set a starting point.
You set material zero.
Easel decides where to start the carve.
Also zoom way out and make sure you do not have design work outside your work area. If it is there it will try to go there.

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If you run the simulation (bottom right button of right screen) it’ll show the toolpath lines a d you can even press the play button and watch the toolpath play out

Yes I have done that but it is not running according to the tool path as simulated. Could it be that the machine is not recognizing the home part of the set up. If not how do I reset this.

Assuming you are sending through easel, the popups prompt you where to place the bit n order to set the 0,0 position for X and Y.
As long as you follow these prompts, then the sequence sets the 0,0 Work position for you and their are no additional steps.

HOWEVER if you selected “use prior position” then it will use the location that the CNC was at when you opened Easel.

IF you are saving the gcode and using a 3rd party gcode sender, then the process is different. IF this is the case can you identify which sender you are using?

I am fallowing the steps threw easel, and at the end I am using “use new position” , but it will not respond to that command I can jog the machine all over the work piece but will not respond to where ever I set to the 0.0 to… I am ignoring the “use prior position” tab. This is my design and there is no 3rd party involved… My machine is 3018 cnc engraver and it is prompting to unlock the machine or to home toe machine but neither one has worked.

For the 3018 You may want to export the gcode and send through candle or UGS.

You can export the gcode by going to machine>general settings > generate gcode > save gcode

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