Carve stopping mid carve

First of all I only do simple carves (luckily) but when ever I carve just images part way into the carve it stops router keeps spinning but it won’t move the only way I get it to move is I open Gcode sender an jog the router then go back to Easel pro and start the carve all over again very frustrating. It never stops when I carve letters just images. I have a new dedicated dell laptop,powered USB port separate electrical circuits for laptop and milright carve king 2 machine. I use Wi-Fi for internet connection with a Wi-Fi signal booster next to my equipment in my small work shop.Here’s an example of my projects.

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In Easel you can verify the status of the cnc by opening the machine inspector page (Press Ctrl+Shift+D) and at the top a status will be displayed. IF by chance the cnc is hitting a limit, or some other fault, it will be displayed here.

However IF some other USB connection fault is causing the issue it may not display here.
The most common issue I see with people using a new computer (or new to CNC / Laser in general) is the USB Selective suspend function not being set to “disabled” …

As a somewhat related side note, Easel doesn’t actually need internet connection once the design is complete. The toolpath calculation and the gcode sender portion of Easel all occur on the users PC remotely and are independent of an internet connection. So as far as the Wifi and the booster, that wouldn’t actually cause this issue even if the connection was intermittent. I just wanted to put that out there to help rule that out as the possible issue here.

Another somewhat common issue is Static Shock causing the cnc to momentarily power off and come back on, in this scenario the cnc will loose USB connection, so that could also be a potential cause especially if you’re using a dust collector or shop vac with a hose that isn’t properly grounded.

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Thanks SETH CNC. There’s so much going on behind the scenes it’s hard for a person with limited knowledge to figure things out. I will try the suggestion you just mentioned and let you what happens.