Carve stops at 12 percent

good evening

I’m trying to carve a simple sign. I went to carve it and it stoped at 12 percent. tried to pause it and start again it didn’t help it just stopped. I canceled the carve and tried again. It stopped in the same exact place. this was on the roughing pass. I was using the .25" bit any advice there isn’t any red lines on the preview where the bit would be to big to make the pass. I was using the new raster feature in the x access direction.


any chance at 12% into the carve your machine is hitting a homing switch?

I had a similar problem that the easel program would stop, at about 2% on a complicated carve. After many discussions on this forum and with inventables, the terrible answer was that my carve was so long and complicated, easel couldn’t handle it well… It was suggested that I use a UGS rather then Easel

After that,I used a UGS and all went well

Hope this helps

I figured this out my driver was not up to date. thanks for all the help