Carve with Easel Free Trial?

Sorry for my english i’m french :wink:

I use Easel Free Trial since few days but i can’t Carve with it. It’s necessary to wait the 30 days of trial or it’s possible to carve before ? How do it?
I configurated my CNC (BravoProdigy BE3000) in Easel but i can’t use it. I haven’t access to the blue button CARVE

Can you explain me and help me please?

The carve button would be green if connected to your cnc. Go to machine>setup new machine and give that a try.
Easel will only work to send the gcode to grbl compatible cncs though.

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My CNC BE3000 is it compatible with GRBL? I don’t know! How can i know this?

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On my 30-18 had to load the drivers before I got the carve button onscreen.
On my onefinity I never see the carve button, have to download/export the easel file, then load it into the 1F.

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Its tough to say for certain as their website shows a proprietary gcode sender software in use, and lists cam softwares that does not incoude easel…

So, you could install the easel driver, and reboot the computer with the cnc plugged in and on, and windows will install any missing drivers needed. If this doesnt work then youd need to continue downlaoding the gcode from easel and use the gcode sender software they provided to send the carve data to the cnc.

I tried your solution. I had install easel driver but it doesn’t work. So i continue downloading g-code from easel with my cnc’software.
I have an other problem: the engraving doesn’t go to the end (sometimes it stop to 24%, or 56% or 95% or other). The tool continues to rotate but doesn’t continue onits way! I think it’s a software problem.
Can i send you a simple g-code and you try with your cnc. If it’s ok with your, the problem is my software or machine…

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