Carves go off path and erratic

So this issue has happened to me a few times, and I’ve temporarily fixed it before by changing the settings on the potentiometers, but nonetheless it has happened again. It has only happened on carves that are longer than 30 minutes. For example, I was cutting out a sign with a Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor (at a relatively low feed rate as well) and after about 20 minutes of going smooth the x carve changed directions completely and went no less than 4 times the speed it previously was going, ruining the piece. Even when I stopped the carve and the x carve reset to the zero point, it went incredibly fast back to the origin and essentially ‘slammed’ into the left side of the makerslide. Please let me know what you think this error could be and how to fix it, thank you!

Arduino/gShield or Xcontroller?

Post the $$ ouput from grbl here.

My initial thought is simply and overheated stepper driver.
That wont exaggregate the carving speed though.

In Easel, when cancelling a job, I have had my bit attempt to return to zero on occation - this will be at full rapid speed.

What Larry mention, we would like more input :wink: