Carvey (2016) - 1900 OBO

I’m selling a slightly used Carvey. It’s from 2016, but I haven’t been able to use it much. I purchased it right before I moved and it’s been sitting in my office for awhile now. It’s in perfect condition. Pretty much new. It’s packed up and ready to go.

Make offer, I’d like $1900. I’ll include shipping in the continental US. Updated 3/5/2018. It will ship in brand new Carvey shipping material.

Where are you located?

I’m in Maryland.

Is this machine still available?

Interested! Can you ship to Texas?


What zip. I reduced the price, so I’d have to price out the crating and shipping cost to find out if it makes economic sense. Would you be willing to split shipping?

Sorry, I just now saw this reply, not sure why I didnt get an email notification. Zip 78665, sure we could split shipping :slight_smile:

Hey, Following up, still interested!

Sorry for the delay. I’m trying to find someone to crate it securely as I don’t have the original box.

I’ll shoot you an email tonight.

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Thank you sir! I appreciate the reply, I thought I’d missed out!

I sent an email directly. Did you receive it? Just checking in.

I replied. Check your spam folder? I work at a mortgage company and sometimes my emails go to spam

Is this machine still available? If so email inventables(at)rubygrrl42(dot)com, and if not, can you update the listing title to show it’s sold?