Carvey homing issue

Had homing issues for a few weeks now but could always over ride by just shifting the spindle on its axis. But since yesterday the machine would not home - as previously been pointed out by others.

After trying to resolve without too much intervention (checking connections etc.) I took the spindle off to open the z-axis mechanism and found a piece of metal lodged next to the gear.

I removed the piece of metal and rebuilt but the homing still failed.

Any advice?

Do you hear any noise when you try to home?

Can you turn the threaded rod to lower the spindle to the middle of the Z travel?

I don’t hear any unusual noise, just the z-axis adjustment moving up.

I have manually moved the spindle down to the middle and the bottom via the nut on top of the threaded rod and when requested home the spindle moves upwards to the top, tries for a couple of seconds and then the error message comes up…

It looks like the piece that triggers the optical limit switch has been broken off. You won’t be able to run the machine anymore.

Please contact our support team and have a new one shipped out and that one shipped back to us. When we ship out the new one use that packaging to send back the damaged one. Please take care when packaging it as UPS had been extremely hard on our boxes. They have admitted fault and been compensating us for the damage but we prefer not to have to work down that path if preventable.


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