Carvey parts diagram

Hi All, hope some of you are still using the Carvey as this forum is now quite old, but still incredibly useful for a newbie learning to use the Carvey!

I have an issue with Z assembly being a bit loose and one of the shaft slider bearings appears to have come loose and is no longer attached to the Z axis assembly (Found by feeling behind the Z assembly on the left hand side). with the power off I can pull the top right hand corner of the Z assembly forwards a bit on the right hand side only. Does anyone have a diagram of the Carvey showing all the parts and how to disassemble the Z Axis assembly?

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Carvey was never open source, so those drawings aren’t out there anywhere. Support should still be able to send you some guiding images I would think.

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Neil thanks for your reply.

I have fixed the problem, it turned out to be one of the vertical rods the Z carriage slides up and down on.

I dismantled the Z axis housing and found the right-hand vertical support shaft rod had slipped down from its mount position in the top of the Z housing. This meant that the carriage that runs up and down this and the other shaft had some slight movement. I have tapped the shaft up into the correct place and put some glue around the top to ensure it stays put. The two vertical rods in the Z axis now both line up with the top of the housing case.

All seems to be working again and there is no front and back movement of the Z carriage.

Just putting this out there in case anyone else has a similar issue.



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