Carvey RPM

Is there a way to control the spindle speed on the Carvey. It is melting my acrylic plastic.


Acrylic plastic come as two types, cheap and available and more expensive/less available.
The cheap one are extruded and have a lower melting point. The more expensive kind is cast, and machine better.

If you melt acrylic when carving and/or reduce spindle speed / increase feed rate.
Use single flute end mills, straight may be fine.

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Yes there is. You can go into the Machine Inspector and change the spindle speed (RPM) in the Console input with “Sxxxxx” (ie: S9000 for 9000rpm). Just note it takes a few moves/cuts before the change takes place. Seems Easel send commands to the Carvey in batches and the speed only changes once that batch of commands is complete, usually only a couple moments.

Use at your own risk.

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Lol. Yup. But others will ask and do a search in the forum like I did. Now they actually have an answer…


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