Carvey update

I preordered a Carvey machine through the website and can’t comment on the Kickstarter campaign.
Any update on the delivery date for website buyers?

Yes, it would be nice to have at least an approximate window…(under 30 days, around Thanksgiving, past Christmas)…how about it, folks?

Agree. Ready to place my order… would like to know when it will arrive. Can’t afford to part with $2k and wait for the shipment to arrive. When will the orders ship?

We will be making some official announcements soon. We are expecting to start shipping in November.

Are there any updates possible shipping dates ? Are they starting shipping now, within next couple of weeks ?


any update on shipping estimation? really want to order…

Now that the November window has passed, are there any updates as to when the machines will start to ship?

November is over. Any new updates on shipping preorders?
Are we getting Carvey for Christmas ?

I’ve also pre-ordered, but not part of the kickstarter. I would appreciate a timeline for delivery. I understand those who were part of the campaign will get theirs first, but something more specific (like even, “shipping in the first half of February” or whenever) would be far more helpful.

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@ScottFitzgerald the short answer is we don’t know exact dates yet. We have an official shipping update coming today or tomorrow.

Today or tomorrow was 5 days ago.

I read that Carvey started shipping to Kickstarter backers on the 30th of December.

Any news about pre-orders shipping date?

Hi Inventable,

Before preorder, i need to check a function by sending to your, but rejected. then try my other email, also rejected. can you please set spam classification of your email better?

I like to attach an image here, but can’t. I look for an equipment to engrave pen with letters in selected font and/or simple patterns. The exterior material of pen is plastic or anodized mild metal.

Can your Carvey do it for me?
The price is USD 1999.00. is it the price to let me receive at my place?
We are deciding the brand & model now. hope to hear you ASAP, thanks.


I don’t want to be a pain here, but I would love if somebody could read and answer . I have 3 other posts with questions in this thread and non is answered.

Kickstarter orders starter shipping 15 days ago and preorders are supposed to ship after kickstarter orders. ( but that doesn’t say much) .
I guess that by now you should have an estimated delivery date for website preorders.
Could you please say, 1 month, 6 month, 1 year?
Thanks in advanced

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Hi Diego,

I’m sorry. The short answer is we didn’t know and then we had some unexpected damages. I have a post coming out next week. UPS has destroyed many of the Carvey machines we have shipped. I’ll be posting pictures but if I gave you a baseball bat I don’t know if you could do what they have done to the machines. I think one they must have used a fork lift and rather than picked it up forced the forklift through the center of the box. A few of them they shattered the acrylic into pieces. We are filing claims but we were nervous to continue shipping like this. It is absolutely unacceptable.

We contacted our UPS rep, we contacted the packaging engineer, we contacted our insurance company and I’m getting ready to contact my lawyer if it continues. One of the boxes had a 6 inch hole in the middle of the box. Keep in mind we are using double wall cardboard and the Carvey and package survived the hardest UPS shipping test ISTA3a I think this was done intentionally with a knife.

Last week we tested adding straps and even more foam supports on the inside of the box. We are hoping by adding straps the UPS personnel will use them to carry the box instead of puncturing the box or simply shoving it off the back of the truck. The new packaging approach was successful with the tests we ran last week and we will continue shipping on Monday the Kickstarters in addition to replacing all the people who we sent machines to that have been destroyed by UPS.

By the end of next week if packages are making it to Kickstarter backers in good condition our operations team will be able to put together a schedule and give estimated date ranges for when you can expect your Carvey.

I’m sorry for the delay. It’s unacceptable. If you want a 100% refund we will offer it without question.

Hi Edward,

Carvey is not a good machine to engrave on a pen. Sorry. You will want a machine with a 4th axis that rotates. Carvey is a 3 axis machine X, Y, and Z.

Hi @AngusMcleod yep, we’re probably getting some ShockWatch tags this week. However I’m not sure what that will do for us. The photos of the boxes are pretty devastating. I want to see the video of what they are doing to these packages.

Yea they end up paying replacement cost but the problem is their process takes 4 weeks and you need original packaging. We don’t have time to wait a month and leave customers hanging.

Also we don’t have an infinite number of parts to burn through. The practical part of it is we need them to handle the packages in a reasonable manner so they get to the customers in good condition.

Ironically we had a sticker on the box that said delectate instrument handle with care and the puncture went right through the box just below the sticker.

I have a horrible UPS story, but it doesn’t need to be aired here. The long and the short of it is that unless you have a big, big stick - they ignore you.

When it became known that we were associated with a huge UPS customer that used a BIG stick - UPS solved our problem within ten minutes.

use fedex!!! use fedex!! those packages survive a plan crash for heavens sake

but no really i am not sure of the details of your operation but if ups cant handle it a personal meeting with Fedex WILL get the job done

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