Carvey update

I can see these types of things happening. Last year I had a bandsaw delivered from Ups freight and I watched the driver literally kicking and dropping other grizzly and powermatic power tool boxes out of the way. It was a little mind blowing.

Thanks for your reply, I don’t know if the damage is intentional or not but it hurts. Hopefully everything will be solved and I will get my Carvey soon.

We shipped a batch today. Hopefully they will all arrive safely.

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Hi Zach, how was feedback onthe last shipped batch?

It’s getting much better. The international shipments arrived without a scratch. Ironically one of the Chicago shipments had damage to the acrylic.

It seems like 90% of the problem is fixed but that last 10% is proving difficult to mitigate against. UPS corporate has launched an investigation internally to see what is going on. We’ll see what comes of that. So far I think it just upset the driver that picks up the packages from the factory. Looking at the damage I think it is happening at the distribution center rather than on the truck.

For the people that are getting them delivered from UPS without issue we are getting wonderful feedback. People LOVE Carvey. We’re getting some twitter love too from backers and this one from Fin is bonkers.


So happy to hear that, bravo!

My internationally shipped Carvey havent given me so much love yet as I would like to love it.

It arrived three days ago with a cracked acrylic front, homing did not work, it spun on the gears(?) and didnt move, only made a terrible noise, had to press “Home” and listen to it going on for like 20 times until it finally moved. Cut the first piece and dust keeps coming out of it (two 5.3mm gaps on each side of the closed hatch). The bit also broke, and finally: The on/off button doesn’t work either :wink:

So, next, CarvZy? :smile:

It’s very sad to see your first experience appears a bit disappointing. I’ve received mine last week, and it wasn’t without hiccups either. Although no broken acrylic for me (luckily!), I had some similar issues: the milling carriage also didn’t move up/down at first, failing to home, and it was not until I tried to rotate the centre nut (on top of it; with a wrench, but without applying any force) for a few turns and tried multiple (4-5) times turn it on/off. Not sure what exactly fixed it, but it eventually worked. Secondly, I noticed a big discrepancy in the milling depth, and the reason for it is that Carvey thinks the carriage is higher by ~4.3mm than it actually is. Therefore, it’s always milling lower, down to the wasteboard unless I adjust the material thickness by that factor. Not a big deal for me, I was just lucky enough not to hit any metal screws in the wasteboard before I noticed that. If yours has the same issue you probably weren’t. Apart from that, I already carved a couple more fairly dimensional things and everything looks great.

Hear! Hear!

@KristianO_Gundersen and @nikodll it sounds like both of yours had some shipping damage. Did you contact Customer Success? We need to get this fixed for you or replace your Carvey entirely.

@Zach_Kaplan, The only issue I have right now is the discrepancies in material thickness. I did contact the customer service and they promised to release a software fix soon that could re-calibrate the machine. However, yesterday Carvey failed to home for some new reason: while it was pulling the wasteboard backward, it reached to back wall and stopped with an error message in Easel. I moved the wasteboard plate back and forth a bit and then tried to “home” a couple of more time until it eventually worked. Very strange. I will keep the customer service informed :slight_smile:

@nikodll I think there is some internal damage. Do you have a way we could do a video chat?

@Zach_Kaplan sure. Skype for example. You can search for “nikodll” to add me. I can do the chat any time between 5:00PM and 12:00PM GMT timezone. If Skype doesn’t work for you for any reason Hangouts or Firefox Hello is also fine, you can send me invitation to nikodll at gmail - com

@Zach_Kaplan Phil is helping me with this!

Hi Carvey team! I’ve received a pre-shipment notification but will you send a notification or tracking number once shipped? My Carvey is being shipped to an address that is quite a drive away so I don’t check it often unless I know there is something there.

Can’t wait to get carving!

@SamyKamkar yes you will get a tracking number email the day it ships.

@nikodll do you have time at 4pm CST tomorrow? (Friday)

@Zach_Kaplan Yes, I do.

Are there any updates? I spoke with folks at Inventables couple of month ago(actually before x-mas) and they estimated to ship within around 10 weeks. Ordering page now says 10 weeks. Are the pre-ordered units shipping now ?

On January 18, you promised an update. Still waiting. I was an early Kickstarter investor, live in Berlin and haven’t heard a thing. I do understand that problems come up, but I do not understand the total lack of communication. How difficult can it be to send a note to people who sent money more than half a year ago? I trusted you, but you do not seem to appreciate that. And don’t send me one of those “we appreciate your support, love you, couldn’t do without you…” messages. Just a date.