Carvey X-Y steppers too weak?


I’ve noticed that the x and y axis on the Carvey tend to give or skip quite easily without much force, making it challenging to get precise cuts in hardwoods, plastics, and soft metals.

My Ultimaker 2 3d printer also uses NEMA 17 steppers for x and y movements in a similar setup, but I noticed they seemed a lot firmer - so I decided to measure how much force either machine could take before steppers would skip:

Ultimaker NEMA 17: 68,6 N
Carvey NEMA 17: 37,3 N

This is confusing to me, as the Carvey obviously has much more need for powerful steppers than a 3d printer does… :thinking:

Any idea why the Carvey’s steppers are so weak?
What’s your experience? Perhaps there is an issue with my driver-board?

Any input on this is greatly appreciated! :blush:

No one else has experienced this? :eyes:

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