Carvezilla - Lots of upgrades

I purchased this xcarve used a few months ago before I knew what I was looking at. The seller assured me it was the newest version. Once I jumped in I quickly realized it in fact was not and it wasn’t going to work for me. So I set on the path to not only bring it current but improve a few areas. In the end I would have been better off just buying a new one and the upgrades below. But unfortunately it was a little late for that.

Here’s what I’ll be updating with.

TBD CNC X-Carve Ultimate upgrade kit (risers, stiffness)
TBD CNC Powder Coated Steel 9mm Belt Clips
OpenBuild 3GT (GT2-3M) Timing Pulley - 20 Tooth - .250" Bore - 9mm Belt
OpenBuild 3GT (GT2-3M) Timing Belt - By the Foot
OpenBuild Smooth Idler Pulley Kit
NEMA23 270oz/in 2.8A 1/4″ Dual Shaft Stepper Motor (KL23H276-28-4B)
X-Controller kit
Wide Make Slide
Suck It Dust Boot
Gladiator Garage Cart
CNC 4 Newbie 8" Slider with 1" longer front plate -

Purchased these but didn’t use them. Beautiful pieces, but ultimately wend with the TBD risers so wanted to ensure those matched the end plates.

I’ll be working on this throughout the next few weeks. Started and made progress today. So off to the build.

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Piles of parts!

As purchased. The wiring leaves a lot to be desired.

Stripping away the ugly.

Adding the new end plates.

Somethings not right, why won’t the Tnuts tighten up? Oh, no. Someone installed them all backwards. Guess that needs to be fixed.

Sigh, starting all over. Probably why the previous owner had problems.

A square that made the perfect spacer for the side braces.

One Side done!

And the other side done.

Adding the new OpenBuild 9MM idlers in.

Time to start upgrading the muscle. These things are definitely beefier than stock.


You don’t need the Z probe since you have the Triqueatra touch plate. It does all 3 axis. The Z probe only does the z axis

Pardon my lack of knowledge here, but what are all the benfits to the riser upgrade? And what are the downsides? I have the Bosch router and tried to carve the slots for the t-track upgrade. My bottom two v-wheels come off the spindle mount going that low so I would have to use a lot longer bit. So if you use the risers for, do you have an issue of the mount being able to go low enough?

You have to upgrade your Z axis to a linear rail Z Axis to allow it to drop low enough to cut closer to the wasteboard.

The idea is so you can clear larger workpieces, and utilize longer bits. For instance, you’re trying to cut a very deep pocket in something, say you’re carving out a pepper shaker that’s 5" tall. You’d need (roughly) a 5" long endmill to get to the bottom of the pocket, and you’d need 5" of vertical travel to clear the top of the workpiece. Make sense?

Looking at the site for the y axis stiffeners, it says you have to trim the wasteboard. Did you only have to cut off 1/4” to account for the extra thickness of the spacers?

I have the same ones. Didn’t have to trim the waste board at all.

I had to trim my wasteboard about 1/8" on both sides. Took all of 60 seconds on the table saw.