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Howdy… I am a newbie… please forgive my ignorance. I want to work toward carving badges for friends in the sheriff’s department. I found some nice artwork on line for my local sheriff’s department… but what do I need to do next. I have photoshop and can download the Jpeg there…but not sure what to do next. There is a lot of fine details in the center of the badge. Can anyone help me out and let me know the procedure that I need to go with. I have seen some great examples online of other carvers work… beautiful badges… but I just don’t have enough knowledge
of where to begin to make a file suitable for carving. I have a Xcarve 1000… up and running and doing a great job. Just want to work towards this carving goal.
Thanks… Chuck

I use Inkscape to create the svg file necessary to carve. Here is a video along with many others designed for the newbie


Chuck can you post a picture of the image that you want to use? I would like to see what you are wanting to do.

Howdy Russ… Here is would likiema badge a gentleman posted. This is what I like for a finished project.

Here is a wooden badge… sorry about that

What size are you imagining? The size of a real badge, or something larger for the wall?

Usually with something like that I would redraw the badge if I didn’t have the original artwork. Is the badge for Ohio? I can see the detail in the carved piece. I just recently purchased an x-carve. I put it together and buillt a table. I have done a few things with it but I’m am just starting myself. I do know about graphic work though. I run a laser engraver and rotary engraver at work. I primarily use Corel-Draw and sometimes use adobe. You picked a good one to start off with. M

Howdy Matt… I am looking at carving something for the wall … probably 16-18 inches high.


Hi Russ… Yes … the badge would be for Ohio. I have a pretty good Jpeg on line of the badge… starting to try to bring it into Adobe Premiere or inkscape and create a good B&W vector file… I not quite sure how to do this. I am in the process of looking at Youtube videos. If you know a good video for either… that takes you from start to finish… let me know. I love the badges I have seen carved… so I know it can be done. I just have to figure it out.

Thanks… Chuck Lyons

Phil… thanks for the video… I have watched several of Paw Paw’s videos… and he does a real good job explaining everything. This should really help me with inkscape.

Thanks again Phil

Note that Phillip is PawPaw :slight_smile:

I think you know this now, but yeah you’ll have to get it into a vector format to properly scale that. If you have a sharp black&white original, you might be able to get away with a vector trace. You’ll probably want to manually redo the text: there’s an app in Easel to curve the text if you don’t want to do that in the other app (e.g. inkscape).

Chuck since I’m new to the xcarve and easel myself I wanted to try to design something and transfer it over to easel to cut. I redrew the Ohio police badge and now have it saved in a vector format. I saved it as an SVG and imported it to easel but the whole thing was wanting to cut. I couldn’t break apart the areas that I didn’t want to engrave. I still have some learning to do. I will post a picture of what I did and if you want it I will upload it so you can use it.

. It will save you some time

Howdy Russ… Wow that looks great. I would love to have that file. I really appreciate it. I will work on this file and see if I can get everything working. My buddy is going to retire soon from the department and I would like to attempt to carve this. I would really appreciate it. If all goes well and I get it done… I will send you a finished photo.

Thanks… Chuck Lyons Akron Ohio

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That looks good.

Probably the simplest way to do what you want is to export one SVG file for the cutouts, and then one for each level of engraving depth (if you’re doing a uniform depth, this is easy). Then, you can import two different SVGs into the same Easel workspace, and they’ll be separate objects. Alternately, you could put them on separate workspaces, so you could e.g. be sure the engraving worked before you cut it out.

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Thanks. When I get home I will upload the file and maybe someone can help with getting it ready. If you want you can send me the names and I can put that on the file.

Thanks. I will try separate SVGs

Hi Chuck,
Definitely Let me know how it turns out. Also send me his name and I will add it to the graphic. If you need something else just let me know.
Good luck with your project.
RussellOhio Sheriff Badge Chuck Lyons

Ohio Sheriff Badge Chuck Lyons

sounds like you got an answer. You can also use the image trace app in Easel.

If you have any specific questions about photoshop and/or illustrator let me know. I’m pretty confident with both of those and happy to help