Carving bed not level

I’m carving some acrylic, and doing a contour cut from Fusion 360 with a height offset of 0.05 inches from the bottom. I noticed that near the smart clamp, it works as expected, but for the parts that are farther away, it actually cuts all the way through the acrylic and scores the carving bed. If it was consistently going through, I’d figure it was something in my settings. But the fact that it’s going through in some places and not others, as part of the same operation, and it’s clearly worse the farther it is from the clamp, suggests to me that the carving bed is not level.

Are there any established methods of leveling it?


I use a wide router bit and have the machine make a shallow pocket covering the entire area it can reach. Set Z zero to the lowest point you know of and go down 0,5 mm or so from there.

Yeah, it appears that may be the best option. It’s not my machine though, so I’ll have to wait until the owner decides he’s ready to remove the nice new face of that board though. In the meantime, I don’t think it’s anything I can’t work with. Thanks!

You could also create a secondary wasteboard and put it on top. Then flatten that using a wide bit. I did that.

I think the holes in the wasteboard are 7,93mm apart… Don’t take my word for it, though.