Carving changes

How do I make it care the opposite of this, meaning the letters are sticking up and not carved out??08 PM

Watch some of the Inventables Youtube videos.
Take your text, stars and image make them 0 cut depth.
Take your outer circle make it a fill, then click on edit and send to back.

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Maybe just put a circle around the entire outside. Or close off the inner circles not sure. Experiment is the only way I figure most things out

make a circle the same size. Set it down to the depth you want. Send it backwards. Set the font to 0

Wow, I was actually able to do that! Do I need another circle to cut out the circle?

If you want to cut a circle yes. Create a circle set to outline and max depth

Is there a way to duplicate a small project to fit on the size of whats left on the board? So many will cut instead of having to recreate it many times?