Carving cribboards

I have carved crib boards for a bit. Same set up every time but today my machine missed about 25 holes. No changes other then the upgrade

If these are plunge holes where the idea is to carve the exact size of the bit then I suggest selecting your circles and then click the lego button on the left and use the app called “convert circles to Drill Holes” app and this will change the design from circles to drill maneuvers with straight down/up movements AND there will be no issue of the design being distorted and the bit not fitting the circle size, because that’s likely the issue that the hole is too small and there isn’t enough room for the bit to make the circle movement…

I used the same settings I used for all the other boards. They all came out perfect, Set up my material and to cut another and it missed at least 25 holes in various spots on the board. I just found it to be strange why it did that when the one I did earlier was perfect

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