Carving deeper than set to

Any ideas why the depth is carving deeper than specified??

Three typical causes:

  1. Bit slips in the collet.
  2. Steps are off on the Z axis. Have you ever calibrated this?
  3. Zero height not set correctly. How did you set this?

I used my z probe

Ok, assuming you measured its thickness with some calipers? If so, it could be one of the other 2 items, most likely #2.

not trying to be smart but you do know that your calipers have a depth gauge on the end


Something is slipping and / or loosing steps.
Especially your last pic is a giweaway regarding loosing steps.

As to depth discrepencies, wood is never true in dimension/thickness. It vary due to moisture and temperatures.
Zeroing of the top of the work piece may not be true Z level for the entire work piece.

Yes but I wanted to show the close up of the screen so you guys could see what I was measuring