Carving downwards


Thanks for taking the time to read this … hard to put into words …

i want to turn the 3D model over and carve in into the graphite … so i can create a mould to pour into

any tips welcome .



I have not used the 3d carving in Easel yet but i would say you would probably need to reverse the carve so it cuts down instead of up in a seperate program.

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Can you share the STL here or send it to me in a PM?

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hi … its for any stl …

i though the same … but the stls appear solid … so there is no carving in the inside … does that make sense … when you turn the solid model over and level it with the top … its all solid …

Well, I was going to modify the STL, but I can’t do "any stl’.
What are you casting?
Wayne is saying that you’d have to modify the STL in another program…I think.

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that would be awesome . could you do a skull or something like that … i just want to see it can actually do what i want it to !. would be greatly appreciated !.

is there an easy way to make an STL 'skin" thicker then cut it in half ?



Hi all,

Take a look at this YouTube for the concept. This is in Fusion 360 - which is free for personal use but has a learning curve!

The above video is for 3D printing molds, but the concepts are the same, noting that the CNC machine can only cut down, not on a 4th axis, so you may need to slice your molds in stages or halves. Also remember you may need to mirror your STL, depending on your needs for text etc.

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