Carving, Finishing Bit fixed at 1/8

I’m doing my first carving in easel and the finishing bit is fixed at 1/8". Is there something I’ve not done which would allow me to change this to a different size?

Two-Stage Carves (Roughing and Detail Carves) – Inventables (

Thanks Martin. I’m printing from an STL file which seems to limit the detail bit to 1/8.

This sounds like you have to choose two bits. Maybe you need to buy pro to get more choices? I use other software, so I don’t really know.

Can i disable two stage carve? - Easel / Easel Pro - Inventables Community Forum

Just playing around, I downloaded a checker stl and then put it into easel. I clicked on “add bits”. It came up with Inventables or Custom. I selected Inventables and added some small diameter bits. My roughing bits and finish bits were now selectable. I didn’t buy pro, and don’t know if this is one of the free uses or not.

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