Carving hands or faces

I bought my x carve 3 or 4 months ago and loved it spent hours trying to get it to carve the face of one of my grandchildren but to no avail.
I haven`t touched it for the last month but with time on my hands I thought I would try again.
I have put photos into inkscape and a couple of others that convert into SVG files only to have the x carve message that in cannot import the file.
My main reason for buying the x carve was to be able to earn money from selling face carvings I hope i have not bought the wrong machine

look forward to someones reply.


Have you looked at creating lithophanes? Carving a lithophane into white corian or candlestone will give you the best result (ie most like a photograph)

Here is a thread on Lithophanes.


are you trying to use easel? because easel is only a 2.5d program if you want to do 3d carvings of like faces and such you need to use a program like Fusion 360

probably the reason that you cant import Inkscape svg into easel is because Inkscape like to embed bitmap into there svg and easel will only accept a pure svg file try saving as a different type of svg instead of the standard Inkscape svg