Carving hard maple sign

I have done quite a bit of work with pine but we are visiting some friends that we were unable to make it to their wedding a couple years back so I am trying to make a simple sign for them. I have a bit of hard maple I have been saving for something like this.

Having never carved maple I spent the last hour or so scouring the forums but couldn’t nail down the answer I was looking for. The size for the sign is 8.75x20 and I currently have the pocket depth to 0.125 but using easels default speeds (28 ipm, 0.28 doc) this carve would take 10+ hours using 0.25 and .0625 bits. That seems excessive.

What speeds and doc have worked for you?

You shouldn’t have any problem running the .25" passes at 96 ipm and like Robert said, keep your DOC to 1/2 bit diameter. .0625" I’ve been running at around 40 ipm without any problems. Hope this helps.

Make sure you clamp it really good! I used to only have clamps that would pUT pressure on the sides go hold the piece in. Upping my ipm would cause the piece to jump out. So I invested in the ed carving clamp set from inventables. I now have side pressure and top pressure and could up my ipm by quite a bit. It also all depends on the quality of bits you use aswell.

Yes Robert, you are right. I meant easel has 0.028 as a default.

Thanks everyone for the info. I’ll be carving it tonight.

Here we go… so far so good.


Make sure to post finished result!

I’d say overall it was a pretty good success. Looks like I am having come Z depth inconsistency but its pretty minor and should be easy enough to sand away some high areas of the clearing path.

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This is a close up of some of the clearing toolpath.
This area was all done with the 0.25 bit.

It appears as if the bit is hitting the material on a slight angle. Check the machine for square especially at the Z-axis. I would recommend checking all axis for square afterward I would recomend that you tram the z axis