Carving Help

Hi Evwryone. I just put machine together and ran my first carve. Lots of questions. Lol I ran a 90 degree bit and the outside cut ok but why didn’t my inside state seal cut my fine detail? Any tips I appreciate. Thank you

What size is that sign?
You got great definition on the word “state of” with such a large cutter.
You need to use a smaller angle cutter (20°) to get more detail.

I assume you designed in Easel. Check your design as the Easel preview did not include Indiana either and matches the resulting carve.
I suspect some detail was lost when art was imported into Easel.

Its6x6. Ok Thanks I just ordered 20 degree carbide cutters

I designed in Adobe, Just brought it into Easel, I actually forgot the Indiana before. Its fixed now. But even the center buffalo wasnt there.