Carving Hemlock?

Anybody have any insights on carving Hemlock? I have attempted to carve utilizing a 60 degree v- bit and a 90 degree v-bit (both bits are sharp), both carves came out terrible. I did the same carve on a price of pine stock and it came out perfect. I have tried to slow down the speed but still unsuccessful. Is Hemlock wood hard to carve??? There’s also no “hemlock” wood selection in the drop down for material. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Well, I hadn’t heard of Hemlock, so I googled it and this was part of the result. . . “inclined to splinter when machined” so possibly this is part of the issue you’re having :man_shrugging:

That really sucks because it burns really detailed when you apply a flame. But I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the help!

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You might look into some of the wood stabilizers like Cactus Juice.

Many pen turners use this to give body to pen blanks such as spalted maple. I don’t know if this will stop your splintering but it might give you a path forward if you are set on using hemlock.

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