Carving in the bottom of a dish

I am a novice to Easel Pro. I can cut out shapes and carve designs. I am looking for a way to carve letters or designs in the bottom of a dish or tray. Right now, I have left the home position in the same place and carved my design but the X carve is carving in air until it reaches the surface at the bottom of the tray. I am sure there must be a better way. Jim

Well, you have two options…

  1. You could add depth to your design to account for the difference of the Z-Zero position vs. the stock’s top height.
  2. You can re-zero the Z-Axis to the correct position. This would be desired…

For the second one, this can appear to be a challenging thing because if your bowl/dish has a high lip then you might not be able to get it to the correct position during the Zeroing process. The way to resolve this (if your dish’s bottom is flat or you do not care about marginal differences in carving depth due to the slope of the dish’s bottom) is to do the following.

  1. In Easel, unpin any pinned objects, select your entire design.
  2. On the object “Shape” tab, select the middle position reference.
  3. Change the X & Y positions to be 0.0. This will center your project at (0, 0).
  4. Start the Carve process and set the Work Zero (Home) position to the center of where you want the design to be.

This should allow you to set the Z-Axis Zero position correctly.


Brandon Parker

Hi Brandon

I have tried accounting for the new depth in the Z-Zero setting but I find it pretty slow while the bit makes its way down to the bottom of the dish. I think the #2 process might work better. I have been looking in the tutorials and found a set up for carving from the center. That sounds like what you are talking about. It sounds like it should work. I will give it a try. Thank you for taking the time to respond. It is a big help!


No problem; I’m always glad to help if I can.


Brandon Parker