Carving is off

Hello everyone! I am having an issue with my carvings going to far to the right and up too high. Everything is measured correctly in easel.


The only two reasons the carve goes off like that is:
1 - it was told to go there
2 - it didn’t know it was there

Please share your workflow on fixing the material to the waste board and how you zeroed prior to the carve.
Either a screen shot of the Easel file or sharing it would also help :slight_smile:

I lost the file messing around with it afterward but when i hit the carve button i home it to the left bottom corner of the material. I am not sure what you mean by how I zeroed? I am very new at all this.

You home your machine so it knows where it is. Home is where the limit switches are. It’s a bit confusing that Easel tells you to set home when really you are setting your work zero…zeroing.
Anyway, was your bit centered on the lower left corner? If so, and everything is the correct size, it’s hard to tell without seeing the file.
If EVERYTHING is too large and too far back and right. You’ll need to set your steps per mm. Lots of info about this in the forum.

Agree with Neil. Make sure you using the center of your bit as the zero for your work piece. Not the edges!

It’s a bit confusing that Easel tells you to set home when really you are seeing your work zero…zeroing

Preach it.

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Homing / Home the machine => provide the machine with a reference point, usually top (Z high) / away / left.

Easel “Home position” = your work zero and can be anywhere within the space the machine can reach.
This is the start point of your carve and visualized in Easel by the XY zero point on the grid.

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I think this might be the issue. I ran the test carve that has the easel logo and my name and it was almost perfect. The logo was where it should be on the lower left corner on the material, but i looked it one of the fingers that was right on the 1 inch line on the program and I decided to measure from that same finger to the bottom of the wood and it’s 1 1/4 inch instead of just 1 inch. So the image seems to be carving larger than what is on the easel program.

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