Carving Issues: Multiple Alarms, Bit not deep enough, etc

Hello -
I have tried searching for answers to my issues but havent beem able to pinpoint exactly what happened, and how to fix them.
Issues: Uneven depth, lines werent smooth, multiple alarms, spindle shut off at 30% and the machine kept moving back & forth-

I pulled out my Fox Alien Masuter 4040 and wanted to carve a quick sign. Havent carved in at least 6 months. I hooked up machine and was prompted to update the software currently on my laptop.
Everything was good after the update. I followed the prompts and I was up and running, and carving.
At the 30% mark, the spindle shut off and the machine headed back to starting/homing position and just kept moving in little increments but the spindle stayed off.
I checked for any alarms and this is what:

I tried searching for explanation on the alarms and the problems I encountered but, havent found direct solutions to fix my issues.

Thank You for the help!

grbl Alarm #3 explanation:
Abort during cycle Reset while in motion. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden halt. Re-homing is highly recommended. May be due to issuing g-code commands that exceed the limit of the machine.

Likely you hit or were going to hit a limit switch. The Lower Z limit is the most commonly forgotten about with the Fox alien cnc’s because Z travel is so small… but could be any axis so check that there’s adequate travel for the design being carved without hitting the limits…

Side note, that work holding looks sketchy at best… unless there’s also double sided tape below to help with vertical holding, the clamps should really hold with downward pressure and at all 4 sides or corners for adequate workpiece holding…

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