Carving Laminated Chipwood

Just thought I would share this with others. Had some leftover Laminated chipwood shelving and tried an experiment. Using some free images have been able to come up with some pretty exciting results. After caving the border just varnishing brings out the background colour and texture. Added the text and painted it with acrylic black which makes it easy to wipe off the excess with just a damp paper towel. This represents our 40th Thanksgiving in Australia after moving from New England.


I would never had thought to use chipboard but it really looks good. Nice job.

Thanks…I wouldn’t have thought it would have been any good either. Have also tried laminated MDF which has a smoother texture and slightly darker look after varnishing. Because of the laminate the cuts are very fine.

I think it gives it an aged look and i like it. I might have one of those shelves laying around and might have to try it.

Some more examples of using laminated mdf. Takes paint well and able to wipe off excess with damp cloth. No sanding.


Amazing piece for thanksgiving. Could you please share its making video?

Thanksgiving.gcode (3.7 MB)
I’ve attached the gcode for the plaque. It requires a 60deg x 1in. vbit. It will take several hours to carve. The material size is 300mm x300mm x 19mm. (12in x 12in x 3/4). I’ve changed the text to just Happy Thanksgiving. I left out the 40th.