Carving letter

Okay here’s what I’m trying to do . Set up an object to be cut out but inside of it I want a set of letter carved out. So I import my object get it sized then import the letters into it and shop them as fill set depth yet it does not cut the letters. Can somebody tall me what I’m doing wrong

If you share your project, I’ll take a look.

ill share but not sure how

File -> Share

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thank you have some 32 seconds coming have to wait till then thanks again man

Alternately, you could try a different font, or turn it sideways and cut it a little larger. Not sure what the finished product is intended to be.

Additionally, the 1/32" bit will take quite a while as you will be cutting a depth of .01" to .015" approximately per pass.

The way that I am finding it, the ‘detail pass’ will also do all cut outs and profile passes unless I am missing something? On a larger project this could become substantial.

I have question
hope someone can help me,
when i carved letter using vbit, why on the outside is not straight
sorry my english is bad

I try Time New Roman and Swiss721 also like that, if using vbit 120 degrees worse

and when pocket letters are always like this

please someone help me…

this my vbit

MDF and Acrylic
vectric aspire
12000 rpm
feedrate 800mm/min

Looking at the tip from that angle in the picture, it looks flat tipped and not to a point, which would explain what Phil was saying.

It does look like your machine has some mechanical issues too. Loose Z axis, Vwheels, or belts. As Robert suggested, do a complete mechanical check of it.

i think machine no problem

whether the belt should be very tight ???