Carving multiple pocket unlogic travel

Hi! Having some issues with toolpath in Easel. I have a model with multiple pocket. When i run this gcode, it carve one pas on the first pocket move to the next pocket and carve one pass. Than it move back to the first pocket again and remove on pass more, and than to the second pocket, and so on and so on.
How do I use Easel to finish carving one pocket at a time?

I have another model with multiple pocket and there the behavior sudently is the way I want it. (one pocket at a time)
I only use a 3.5 mm bit on the whole model.

Thanks in advance

Set up multpile workpieces, there a window at the bottom with a plus sign i believe, sorry havent used easel for a while. Anyways make the first pocket you want on one work piece and the second on another, so on and so forth

I have read something simulare about a problem with rough and detailed path , i tought this sounded a bit complicated for something that in my head should be much easier to handle in the software.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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