Carving off a bit

My x and y are zeroed perfect but when I put my design on Easel is it perfect but it carves a little high and a little to the right…any suggestions?

When the carve finishes does the spindle return to X0 Y0?

Yes it does

Are you centering it up in easel by using the center to material?

I’m sorry, I’m not quite understanding what you’re saying. But the material is corner to corner with the x0 and y0 if that makes sense. All the way bottom left corner. Does the material need to be centered on the board always?

Share your project on here. No, the material does not need to be centered on the board. It can be anywhere

Do you zero (center the bit) over the corner (green) or do you line the bit up against the sides of the material (red)?


The corner of the material is the exact same point as x0 and y0.

Can you share the Easel file?
Is your machine calibrated (step/mm)?
Will a 250mm jog result in 250mm travel?

There are only two reasons why a carve will be “off”:
1 - The Machine was told to go there
2 - The Machine thought it was there
:wink: Reason 2 can be a mulitude of things, single source or combination of several.

I was referring to centering up what he is carving inside the work piece. If you use the center to material it can be off.