Carving off center

Hello. I have the x carve 1000mm and im confused about the x,y,0 positioning in the machine. Where does the work piece go? How do you tell the machine where to start?

I did a test cut and my carving is about 1 or 2 inches to far to the right even tho in Easel it has been centered to work area.

Im sorry for a possible re-peat question. Im only 3 days new into this machine. Thanks in advanced!

We have all been where you are. I would recommend searching “work zero”. This will lead you to the answer. There is just not enough information in your post to say what is wrong. Once you understand the work zero part and you are having issues it would be easier to diagnose.

If you want to share your project someone can take a look at it and see if you are centering the carve.

Welcome and good luck. You’ll be carving in no time. Just get the basics down and the process will be much more user friendly.

I am doing a carve as we speak and i did a measurement…the entire image is off by almost exactly 1" to far to the right…no clue why.

Easel Home Position (aka work zero) is where your bit is when you click “Confirm Home Position
Easel coordinate grid show your design work zero

These need to match.

The right preview of Easel show where you need to jog your bit when confirming Home Position

This will also work:

See if this helps

Here is another video to throw in the mix. I have done several videos trying to answer specific questions. Hopefully along with these other great videos you will get the answer you are looking for. Good luck