Carving on Acrylic Sheet

I’m just starting out carving on acrylic sheets. Mainly I’ll be carving text on 1/8 inch sheets. Any bit recommendations or other thoughts? Thx

Casted Acrylic varies slightly in thickness and I found out quickly that doing standard carving with a V-Bit does not work very well. It cuts deeper in some areas and not enough in others. Look for a “Diamond Tip Spring Loaded Drag Bit”! Amazon has them. NOTE: You cannot use the Z-Probe with these bits!!! You must do it manually!! Set the cut depth on your drawing and in the Cut Settings under Depth Per Pass the SAME. These bits have performed very nice and last a long time on acrylic!


Thanks for the tips!

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Your Welcome!

Set your cut depth about 2mm AND MAKE SURE YOUR SPINDLE OR ROUTER IS TURNED OFF!! This is a DRAG bit! Have fun! I love it. You can buy a drag bit that comes complete and then you can order a “Refill Replacement” for that same bit instead of paying full price for the whole bit!


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