Carving only some of a 3D model

Noob question here. I’ve only made a 2D test run of the X-Carve (upgraded) with my name in a font. For my next 3D test, I Rhino modeled a rectangular block with a 3" wide hemispherical concave depression in the top. Like an ashtray. I imported the model to Easel.

My question is that my workpiece is bigger than the modeled block. I only want it to carve the concave depression, not the edges of the block the depression is in. How do I Do that? Is there a way to select only some of a model you wish to carve? Or will I have to make the block larger than the workpiece? What’s the best way to go about this?


you can use the Model Boundary Relief cut type with 0 padding and it should do what you want.

Along those same lines, how would I cut out the Top part of the turtle here in the first pic and then flip it over and do the bottom part?
Thank you

With your stl file loaded into easel
In model set the Z axis hght to be where you want the top carve to stop. Then when you flip the work over, re set the model z axis to be where you want it.
Have been using that Z axis to leave a 2MM part uncut and finishing the cut with band saw and sander. Makes registration much simpler, no need to line up edges of work. Works for most of my stuff, but may not work for the turtle.

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