Carving pauses - doesn't finish correctly

Hello all,

I just ran a carve to flatten my wasteboard. After about halfway through the carve would “pause” every so often but the the machine would continue on as if it had never paused, so it wouldn’t travel as far as it was suppose too.

Example : if the bit was suppose to move 25"in a straight line, it would move 5"- then pause - the only continue another 19 inches before redirecting. (just an example) So it would miss an inch of the cut.

Could this be a internet connectivity issue? my x-carve is in the garage (I’ve never had an issue with this before) but there are a lot of people on our wifi this weekend. (I do use Easel)

any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

You can carve with no internet connection. That wouldn’t be the issue.
Most likely, your stepper is skipping steps. Can you share your cut settings?

I just recently upgraded with TBDCNC direct drive upgrade kit along with taller riser and stiffeners. I feel as if I was still using pretty tame cut settings.

Feed rate : 60in/min
Plunge Rate: 12 in/min
Depth per pass: .05"

Any chance your shaft coupler is loose?

Does it happen one only one axis?

By shaft coupler are you referring to the timing pulley on the x/y axis or the shaft coupler on the z axis? th z-axis doesn’t seem to have any issues. I actually think it was only the x-axis that it did this.

Sorry, I thought there was an upgrade for X and Y as well.
Check the pulley on the X stepper, but I’d also try reducing speed and see if the problem persists.
With the Z upgrade, are you cutting too deep maybe?

I’m going to try running the carve without it actually carving but I will check the x-axis timing pulley.
I guess if it runs smoothly this way it could be the depth fo cut. thank you

What are your GRBL settings for $100-102, $110-112 and $120-122?