Carving problems

Not sure what I must be doing wrong, but probably something stupid. Trying to carve a sign for my Grand Daughters horse and it’s not working. I’m new to Easel Pro, so any help would be appreciated.

I am by no meens an expert but i would say you have to much step over for the v bit. Should be around .001 to .003. But like i said i am not an expert.

Looking at the picture I don’t think you are using a V bit? Looks like a flat endmill and a Vcarve program.

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possibly a V-bit with a flat tip vs sharp tip.

It’s a 90 degree bit

Not sure what that means, but I know if I choose 1/4 " depth and then choose custom in custom settings and then choose 1/4" depth per pass, although I have cut the material,the simulation looks right.

When I watch it carve, it seems it starts on the outside edge for the first pass and then plunges and moves toward the center and does this until it reaches the bottom of the work leaving ridges.

If you are using a vbit go up to the top where it say machine and click on that when it opens go down to the bottom where it says advanced and click on that. When it opens there should be a place that says vbit detaled step over. I believe it should be set to 1%.

I tend to agree with Tyler. I find it hard to believe that was carved witha V bit. Looks like a 1/16" end mill did those corners.

It’s at 1%. Is there a set way of determining the depth figuring the width of the (in my case a letter)? If I’m only at a depth of 1/4" the final pass may not be deep enough to smooth out the ridges. Just thinkin.

If a V-bit is a lilttle too low in the corners it will look like what is shown in picture of first post.

The V-bit will be below intended surface if:
Z-zero is not precise
The bit have a very slight flat spot. This cause zeroing to go too deep vs calculated path.

BTW - by the looks of it, your design may be small enough to cut in one pass, full depth. (depth will be governed by the width of the part carved / maximum depth set in Easel)

Strange! I have a couple other thoughts. It might be possible that you are actually carving too shallow by either 1) not setting the z properly, or 2) not setting the depth of carve deep enough. The depth of cut on a small V-Carve can be set deeper than you think you need since the program won’t allow the bit to go so deep that it wipes out the graphic. So I’d increase total depth of cut to like 1/2" and see if that completes your carve. As I’ve watched some of my cuts it will take out mass and then come back and clean up. I’m thinking your cleanup pass may just be too shallow due to one of the 2 reasons above.