Carving something longer/larger than the wasteboard

I’m trying to carve a piece that’s six feet long using easel. If i make guides on the side of my workpiece so that it feeds perfectly straight through the machine and I carve one section at a time, will I be able to do it in one project file or do I have to split it up into 3 diffrernt files? Has anyone ever tried something like this?



Can you guys honestly think of a topic that hasn’t been discussed before? Maybe we should shut down the “forum” and turn this into a search site.

I get it. That other fella was actually a member when the tilted topic was discussed in 2015 & 2016.

This guy is brand new and maybe didn’t know it was called tiling. I just barely learned about it myself. If you don’t have a better response than Search it yourself. Perhaps you need a snickers break. Your not yourself when your hungry.


That would be why I said tilting jack ■■■. Maybe you should get your glasses checked. And a safe place isn’t what I need. You should back your attitude down just a notch.


Perhaps “your” BS responses are more of a hinderance than the unbearable chance we may have to endure the same topic once again. I promise. You are not the end all be all of informative conversation on this forum.

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A bleeding heart is far from what I am. As you come to Angusus defense. Double edged sword I guess. I’m just over every post being littered with the same weak ■■■ response.

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Haha. Thanks for allowing me the choice Robert. Your still one of my favorites.

Haha I was thinking it was a bit strange. But hey we all have our moments.

Now that I look at it angus may be day drinking as well. His

Comment was definitely aimed at the other post.

This isn’t the first time in the past couple weeks I’ve seen a remark on the forum that’s casually denigrating an entire generation. Not a fan.


Gotta say. I am considered a millennial and I find “MOST” of my generation fairly useless. And remember folks, thats not stereotyping, its profiling. :grin:


Ok back to what’s important. Yes. The search will give you much more information than I am able to type here but here goes. All you have to do is align your workpiece to some kind of stops on the y axis. Stop blocks, bump blocks, dowels, anything you have that will not let you workpiece move on the x axis. Your workpiece. Now you can slide you workpiece three four feet a hundred feet does not matter as long as it is supported. Each time you move your workpiece it is a new tile. Mark the xy point anyway that works so long as what you matches what’s in the computer. Each tile is almost like a new job. Good luck and let’s get back to carving. You search for more details