Carving starting in the wrong spot

So I’m trying to carve out a project and twice now I’ve screwed up the carve. Both times it started carving in the wrong spot. I’ve gone over the machine, the belts seem good, all the wheels are tight. The problem seems to be the Y axis. Because when I stop the carve and it should return home. The spindle will go all the way to the left but not all the way down. I’m guessing it might be the voltage to the y axis motors is low? Could that be the issue? I have never messed with the voltages so not sure how I’ll know I get the right voltage.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks guys!

There are two methods you can use to set the current limits for the motors.

Check this thread:

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Ok so I tried running the machine up and down on the y axis, it runs great going one way but seems to be losing steps and makes a really bad noise going the other way. Not sure it’s the voltage, tried adjusting it slightly while it was running and doesn’t seem to make a difference. Was working great not too long ago, and I didn’t change anything since then. Not sure what it could be.

First check for debris in the V-wheels or Makerslide,

If they are clean then, check here:

ok so I adjusted the voltage and did a test cut and everything seems to be working correctly.