Carving stops mid-carve (TTC-450, Mac, Safari)

I have a TTC-450 CNC and have been using Easel Pro to control it. The problem is my carves will freeze (spindle still turning) mid-carve. I’m ensured my Mac running the latest OS does not go to sleep, and there are no error messages from Easel or from the TTC-450. Indeed, even the progress bar in Easel remains stuck at (for example) 2%. The website is still responsive and I can pause or stop the carving, but even pausing and unpausing does not actually cause the carving to proceed. I’ve tried clearing my web browser cache, fully updating my Mac’s OS, rebooting both my Mac and the TTC-450, and nothing seems to fix the problem. I’m using the Safari browser, fully updated. Could someone please offer advice? Is there a standalone Easel Pro app that I could use instead? Thank you very much for your help!

Some additional observations:

I’ve been using Inkscape to convert a bitmap drawing to .svg files, then using Easel to specify depth and size, and to carve the SVG.

When I use a simple svg file from an art website, the carving works just fine and doesn’t stop early.

So the problem is either the complexity of the svg file I’m trying to carve (it’s about 500 kb), or the format of the svg file saved by Inkscape.

To test the latter, I opened the Inkscape-created svg in Illustrator and saved as an svg1.1 file, which resulted in a much smaller file (250 kb). I’ll try to print that file when I return tonight.

Has anyone had trouble printing svg files generated by Inkscape on a Mac using Easel Pro?

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