Carving stops randomly

So I know this question has been asked and this issue has been around and I have looked at all the forums and tried the different resolutions without luck. background story I finished a 10 1/2 hour carve for 3-D picture with no problem, switched to a smaller bit to do the finish carve. now four different times the carve has stopped, three times it stopped where all the sudden I get the blue Carve button in easal in a bit is just sitting here spinning and a couple other times I’ve gotten the screen saying the Carve is complete. it’s not completed literally sitting in the middle of the carve. I had my x-carve for about 3 1/2 maybe four years now and I’ve never had this problem
1000x1000 x carve
Windows desktop computer
Router continues to run
USB power saver is off
Power saver off on computer

I had the same problem, I found out that it was a screen saver that was stopping my projects. Not sure if this will help you, but your problem reminded me of the situation I was in.


Thank you for the response. My screen savers are off.

Check the routers brushes.

To me it sounds like a computer issue. Is there something possibly coming on in the background. Make sure all programs are closed. Look for anything new running on your PC. Even virus scans.

The router still works

Nothing running in aware of. Issue occurred after a 10.5 hour carve finished. Tried restarting computer and attempted the carve again the next day. No luck

Do you use the same RPM setting for both stages?

Your symptoms indicate an interrupted USB-link, and reasons can be many or a combination of several.

Have you tried an externally powered USB-hub?
Quality shielded USB cable?
Separating signal from power wires?

As you managed to carve a 10hr job its probably not related to your PC or power management config.
While the Dewalt will run the brushes will spark more when they start to wear down and more sparks = greater EMI/RF noise. If you dont have a set of spares on hand get a pair now.

Typically most seem to be able to do 200hrs (YMMV) before they need to be replaced. This is at speed setting 1.

I will be purchasing a powered USB hub and a shielded cable tomorrow. Yes I used the same Rpm. The brushes are newer and I have spare sets

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Had the same problem. My apparent solution, an “APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, BE600M1.” (Amazon)

“UPS” stands for “Uninterruptible Power Supply.” My unit has 5 “surge only” plugs, 2 “battery backup” plugs and a “USB” charging port.

My X-Carve Controller and Laptop are plugged into the battery backup plugs and all my peripherals into the surge plugs. Roughing carves are 2-3 hours, finishing 7-8 hours… no interruptions… zero.

Note: Just added a “Ring” Video Door Bell next to my 1000mm to monitor the long carves remotely. Also, the UPS is plugged into an an Amazon Alexa Smart Plug, while the overhead shop lights are plugged into a separate Alexa Plug. So, when I, remotely, see the spindle has finished a carve, I can shut the whole shop down, X-Carve, lights, etc.