Carving Stops Unexpectedly

I am aware that this has been addressed before. But I am curious on the timing of this.

I have owned my X-carve for just over a year and a half and haven’t had any troubles for a while. Just recently, as in the last 4 days, I am having the project stop mid carve. Easel shows as the project being complete, but the carve has stopped and there is no movement back to center. This occurred around the time that the new driver update came out.

In addition, if I restart the carve, it always stops around the same place, but not precisely.

Has anyone had this issue lately and out of the blue?

Additional Information:
-projects designed in V-Carve Pro
-one this week and one 6 months ago
-both have carved perfectly before
-both take less than an hour to carve
-imported as g-code

Hi @RaulFuster - If you haven’t already, definitely reach out to our Customer Success team ( or 312-775-7009)

Dryer (colder) temps?
Checked your router brushes?

Brushes are brand new. Temp is about the same. It is not as if the router stops, Easel thinks it’s done.

Which often is related to USB-connectiong dropping out/resets due to electromagnetic noise (EMF) .
When USB drop out, even for an instant - Easel think its done.

Dryer (winter season) air allow for more static to build up, the router itself is somewhat noisy EMF-wise and intensity will vary from RPM variations, commutator/brush wear. Higher RPM = more noise.


First question to ask is in my opinion: did you change anything at all?
This would include:

  • windows drivers
  • wiring
  • dust collection
  • etc.

I’ve listed all my experience with stopping carves here.

All my carves stopped at around the same time, out of the blue, too. I did not have any problem for my first year of my xcarve ownership (more or less). I couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden that problem appeared.
My advice would be: try all of the cheap fixes and check whether it works. If it does, be happy, if not try the other stuff as well.

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I am in SoCal and even though we don’t get that change of moisture in the winter, Santa Ana conditions have made the last week dryer. That might be it, I will see what I can do to fix that issue.
Also, thought about it being the USB cable and swapped it out, same problem.


I am in the San Fernando Valley and have no issues with my machine right now. However as was mentioned above there could be more static with the wind/dry conditions right now.

Are you using a laptop? Could it be possible the power saving module is cutting power to the USB port after a certain amount of time? I’ve had this happen to me. Sometimes updates will cause my power saving settings to change without me knowing it. My stopping problems ended after I changed my power savings settings to never turn off power to the USB bus.