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Hey everyone! Need a little help as I am stumped.

I am new to the machine and can’t figure out a problem with the design transfer. When I make a project in Easel, the X-Carve undersizes the cut. For example, if my material is 12x8 in easel and the project is centered, it will cut is smaller (as if the material dimensions are ~10x6). The design is also proportionately smaller and in the bottom left corner of the piece.

I’ve reinstalled everything several times (i.e. machine, drivers, etc.) and still defaults back to a smaller cut. THANK YOU!!

The machine movement dimensions are set via grbl settings $100, $101 for X,Y and $102 for Z.

You can check these within Machine inspector.
Machine>General Settings>Machine inspector

and verify that they are set to the X-Carve defaults.
IF you happen to have any of the upgrades (wider belts, or the linear rail Z) then some of these settings are different.

Here are the default settings:

The movement can also be adjusted via some dip switched within the x-controler however these are the microstep settings and not only control the movement in 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16th increments, they also adjust the torque available inversely as well… IT is very unlikely that these are set wrong, however it is possible, so IF your grbl settings are correct, this would be the next place to check…

You are awesome!! The codes were off. Changed it up and it is printing to scale! Thank you, again!!!

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