Carving w/ 30 degree .005 bit

I just got the bits and bits 30 degree .005 tipped v-bit and was excited to use it; However, when I went to go carve on it, it was gonna take 5 hours to carve something 4” x 1” at .03 depth. Is there anyone that can tell me how to fix this? The one letter it did carve before I stopped it, was so detailed and looked great! Just don’t want to waste time, the bit or add wear and tear uselessly to my machine.

Thanks in advance!

Most likely inefficient depth per pass/step-over issue.

Can you share your project?

can you use a 1/32" bit to rough out your larger areas"?

As Steve said use a roughing bit to clear away most of the material.
Think about that .005 tip and a 1% stepover!
That don’t cover much ground per pass.

I don’t have a 1/32” bit but I can get one. And I’ll share the project! Let me see if that helps. Thank you guys!

Plug it into your Easel project for an estimated time.
I removed the 1/32 roughing bit then changed to 60 degree v bit with cut depth at 3/8" and the time shows 52 minutes and there is enough detail.
With a v bit you are better off letting it cut full depth to get the width of the letters.

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Thank you!