Carving went crazy

Here is the link to the Project. It is a sign that I made for my barber shop. I have cut this before with no issue. I am using the original X-Carve with the Arduino/GRBL shield controller.

I was making another one. It started off fine. I watched it for the first 10 minutes, then left for about 20 minutes and came back and found this. I had cut another project last night without issue. I have checked the machine and nothing is loose, the clamps are not in the path. Does anyone have an idea?

I am going to speculate, but maybe I hit the upper limit of the Y-axis. When I placed the wood, I ensure there was an inch of space from the upper limit of the router bit and the wood. If that is the case, were are the cutting limits. Are they just inside the 750mm grid?

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I don’t mean to sound obvious, but move your cutting head/router as far as it will go in each direction to see the limits.

That is what I tried to convey in my post, the wood and project were within the moveable limits of the X-carve.

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All is not lost. This Jackson Pollock painting sold for $140,000,000.


Great idea!. Think I will clean it up, do some sanding, staining, and hang it on the wall. I will call it the “Birth of the AI” as the machine did this on it’s own with no reasonable explanation.


There is a lot of things it could be . You may need to adjust the pots for the stepper motors. Some times the machine looses a step or skips a part of the code and goes to the next part. I used to get stuck on little pieces of my design that were cut loose jam the bit up then the x carve thinks it’s in the place it’s supposed to be so it just keeps cutting over the stuff it has already cut, all because that little piece got it stuck for two seconds. It ends up looking like what you have there. So now if I’m cutting any type of expensive stock I just hang out to make sure it doesn’t get ruined. I would search the forum for lost steps and pot adjustments and start there since I didn’t see any through cuts in your pic.

Just to follow up and conclude this, I did have to adjust the pots for the stepper motors. I watched the You Tube videos on this and did it properly. I had tuned them too high at one point when the Y axis was dragging, and when doing a large fast cut, the motors were temp locking creating the issue.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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