Carving with 2 bits

I’m working on a project where I’m using the two stage carving. I want the larger bit (1/8) to carve my out side path, as it is completely cutting out the project (3/4 plywood).

This did not happen, it stopped and was time for me to use the detail bit (1/32), which obviously I don’t want to use to cut through 3/4 plywood.

Any words on how to select which bit I want to use to cut a certain path. ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

This is the tutorial for the feature Bob refered to: Walkthrough Tutorial: Workpieces

That solved my problem.

Thanks for the information and quick response

2-stage carving cuts the same job with 2 bits - 1 large, 1 small.
Workpieces allows you to run multiple jobs easily/sequentially. allowing you to control what is being cut.

The problem is that Easel does 1 cut path generation process and doesn’t do multi-toolpaths like Vcarve does. So when you have both pocket and profile cuts in Easel, it tries to do the profile with the detail bit.

This probably should be changed by Easel but, as mentioned, the easy fix is the new workpieces feature that essentially lets you separate your toolpaths.

Pockets, like in a tool or pill tray?
I used two stage for the detail work on a relief sign I just made.

My apologies for being the guy that revives a post nearly two years old, but this seems to answer the exact question I would like to ask. I am looking to use my larger bit to cut most of the work and only have the detail bit come back and clean up the small details without cleaning up every edge.

My issue is that the link above to the tutorial is broken. Takes me to an error page for Does anyone have a current link?

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This might help:

That only kinda answers the question.

Lets pretend I’m going to straight mimic his project. Where I would like to control would be something like only the “u” in subscribers would need the detail bit. The roughing bit on everything would be acceptable.

I really don’t need the detail bit to go and get all of the edges.


In Easel, the only solution is to copy the project work piece and delete the parts that are done, leaving only the “u”.