Carving with Aspire Vectric / Mach3 - First Project! Pika!

Hello all! I purchased a 1000mm kit months ago. I opted out of their wasteboard to make my own, and the motion controller, because I have a TB6560-compatible board and Vectric/Mach3 already on a computer. So, if anyone reading this is wondering if the Xcarve can work with Mach 3 and/or different design programs – YES. And it’s pretty easy.(This has been covered well by other users).

I have finally made my first project, a 12" Pikachu cutout!

I used 1/4" scrap plywood with a high feed rate, so I know the quality isn’t what it could be, but I wanted to test the machine. I used Adobe Illustrator to create a vectorized image of Pikachu. They’re all over the web. Then, I imported those vectors into Vectric. I used .1" pockets and cut out the silhouette. I used a simple single flute 1/8" straight bit.

Sorry to clog the forum space, but it was my first project, and I’m very excited. If anybody has questions about getting it to work with Mach3 or making your own wasteboard, please let me know.


For the Star Wars fans…same technique. My next project in progress.


Don’t apologise, I was overly happy with my my first ‘project’ and it was a lot simpler than yours!

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Don’t apologies and don’t lose that enthusiasm. While future projects may become more complex, hopefully you’ll still continue to get the same buzz watching your work slowly appear from the sawdust.

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This is a great first project. Just last night my son was asking if I could make him a Pikachu. Did you just hand paint the groves?

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I spray painted the whole thing, then sanded down the high edges with a belt sander. Used some of my wife’s fingernail polish for the cheeks.

Hear! Hear!

Fingernail polish is a first! Awesome. And great first project!