Cat Feeder for our feline friends +3 projects

I’m an xcarve owner for a while now, but haven’t posted any of my projects. But since a community lives with the contribution of every single member I finally decided to contribute, so here we go :slight_smile:

Cat Feeder

A friend of mine has 2 cats and her birthday is soon. Naturally a duty call for the xcarve:

Fresh of the mill

Glue and Clamps

Final product


And here some christmas presents I forgot to document:
House number (letters were filled with brown but I don’t have a picture)

First rule of crafting:

The Witcher fan art:

I’ve seen the crafting rule and the cat feeder design somewhere but don’t remember where. If it was here in the forum and you know the original post, feel free to link for some credits! :wink: